Your application and selection

Applications for our 2017 Graduate Programs are now Open! Check our program pages for more info and to apply.

We attract a lot of interest, so please apply early to ensure you’re given the proper consideration.

To make the process easy to follow, we will guide you through each step - and we'll let you know the outcome after each phase.

Remember, the selection process is designed to make sure you are the right person for us - and equally that we are right for you. To ensure you are a 'good fit' there are a number of steps in the process. 

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The Key Steps

Submit an online application by going to 'Apply Now'.


Complete every page of the application, and choose the country you are interested in (you also need to be fluent in the native language of the country you wish to work in, and English, to be eligible).


You'll be asked to complete some online tests:

  1. Cultural Fit
  2. Situational Strength
  3. Verbal and Numerical Reasoning


Then you'll take part in two phone interviews.

  1. A general assessment interview
  2. An interview centred on a business case


If successful, you'll be invited to our Assessment Centre (ABI Day).


The last step is a Final Panel interview, held in Belgium.


The programs you have viewed on this site are for our European operations - and we accept applications to these European Graduate Programs from all across Europe. The Program is extremely important to AB InBev, and as we’re looking for the very best - the competition is tough.

In fact, last year we attracted over 130,000 graduate applications from around the world - and we hired 155. So you can see that the competition is tough, but you should also realize how much we value the graduates we accept.

We're serious about finding the world's very best talent - so if you make it through selection, you might be realizing your own career dream, and you’ll certainly be an important part of our dream.