Supply Management Trainee Programme. Leading by example. Never taking shortcuts.

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We're aiming to reduce our carbon emissions by 15% by the end of 2017 and reduce packaging by 100,000 tons

> 50 million hectoliters of beer brewed in Europe annually

We're trialling alternative fuel in some of our trucks and we're truck sharing with our retail partners to reduce 'empty mileage' on deliveries

We brew over 200 different beers

In 2013 over 500 best practices were shared globally – helping us continually improve

Our QA process is followed by all our brewmasters to ensure consistency from batch to batch

95% of our breweries and soft drink facilities are Voyager Plant Optimization (VPO) certified

Our team works directly with more than 15,000 barley growers worldwide, representing over 1 million hectares of cultivated malt barley