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We are the world’s leading brewer – brewing over 200 different beers

Our dedication to heritage and quality originates from the Den Hoorn brewery in Leuven, Belgium dating back to 1366 and the pioneering spirit of the Anheuser & Co brewery, since 1852

46,000 of our colleagues volunteered nearly 170,000 hours of community service in 2013

One of the world’s top 5 consumer companies

2013 – the most profitable company among a group including Reckitt Benckiser, Nestlé, Unilever, SABMiller, P&G, Carlsberg, Molson Coors, Heineken, PepsiCo and Coca Cola

In 2013, we made charitable contributions of nearly 124 million USD through foundations

Sponsors of The FIFA Confederations and World Cup™ | The NFL | Major League Baseball | The NBA | The China Games

We're training at least 1,000,000 beer servers in responsible alcohol sales

We're aiming to increase awareness about designated driving to 500,000,000 people

Invest $300mn in educating consumers on responsible drinking

We're aiming to reduce our carbon emissions by 15% by the end of 2017