The ABI University

Although we do have a physical training centre, the ABI University is more of a method of development rather than a location.

It's about getting great people to grow at the pace of their talent. Ensuring they are both developed and compensated properly.

The ABI University focuses on developing skills across three core leadership competencies. These are Developing People, Dreaming Big, and Living Our Culture. These are the competencies that deliver great results.

So you should expect a yearly competency review to identify positives and gaps, so that together we can set up a valuable personal development plan. This plan will use the three pillars of the University:

Group discussion

Pillars of the University

Leadership & Culture

The objective of these programs is to develop great leaders who can drive results the 'ABI way'.


Six Sigma training and broader management training will give you the 'how' - how we solve problems and how we make decisions, all using routine and method.


Running a number of academies, we provide highly specific courses that will improve your functional expertise. This covers the different areas of the business, to ensure you’re equipped to develop your career.

The courses or programs you use will be as a result of your personal development needs, and will take you through management levels. You'll be supported and it is a very structured and ongoing process. It's about creating lifetime improvements that are tailored to your future. 

Over 80% of our leadership have taken part in our training programs

70% of learning comes through experience, 20% from coaching and 10% from classroom training

2013 – we certified 595 Green, Black and Master Black Belts (Six Sigma trained managers)