Louis W Kühn

Control & Automation – Africa Technical Trainee

Coming from a family of Engineers, it was an obvious choice for Louis to walk in the footsteps of his father and uncle, and along with his cousin, graduated in Mechatronic Engineering at the University of Stellenbosch in 2015.

Louis has a big love for music, and in 2012, temporarily dropped out of varsity for a year after being signed to Universal Music – grabbing an opportunity given to very few. He returned to Stellenbosch again in 2013 to complete his degree – continuing with music one the side.

Along with fulfilling various residence leadership positions, Louis was also a radio presenter and music producer at campus radio station MFM, as well as the official Stellenbosch Rugby Mascot for the 2015 season. He is also an avid outdoors enthusiast, grabbing every chance to do a trail run or climb a mountain.

Being privileged enough to be able to grab all these opportunities, Louis could draw not only from successful endeavours, but also learn from all the failed ones. These experiences helped him to apply for a traineeship at SAB-Miller, which would in October 2016 become AB-Inbev.

“Choosing AB-Inbev out of all the companies offering internships and traineeships came very natural, as I sincerely believe, after thorough research, that they definitely offer the best opportunities, not only in learning and development, but also in future growth.” – Louis W Kühn

Fezeka Shazi

Technical Team Leader

A career at SAB starts in a multitude of ways, mine just so happened to be through the Graduate Traineeship as a Brewing Technical traineeship after a post graduate qualification in Biotechnology.

During this time I was exposed to multiple cross-functional opportunities within the business; from operating the plant, to managing the plant amongst many. The brewing traineeship offers a lot of exposure to all things beer, from understanding the fermentations to executing the engineering concepts; so as a Biotechnologist, I was given the knowledge that would typically sit with an Engineer, as so is the case for the Engineers having to learn about Yeast and biochemical reactions.

Key relationships are born during this time, and one must remain cognisant of this. Being highly motivated, resilient and to have the ability to take ownership is key in being efficient at SAB especially when looking into exposing your career to various departments of the business – of which plenty exist.

Basically the traineeship, helps you piece together the business (from Raw Materials to Trade) to give you a broad understanding of the supply chain.

Cheers to your next beer!

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Allaine Schaiko

Louis W Kühn

Control & Automation – Africa Technical Trainee